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March 6, 2024 at 1:00:00 PM

TCC Member Meet and Greet

We are holding our a Meet and Greet for the Tech Cofounder Community. The Meet and Greet series of events are a great way for founders and cofounders to come together, meet other founders. The event is open to all startup founders, cofounders or aspiring tech cofounders. Whether you are looking to connect with a cofounder, or just keen to tell the world about your startup, come along and meet with others.What will happen?Everyone will add their details down and introduce themselves with a brief overview of their start-up and any challenges they are experiencing OR if they are looking to become a cofounder then what they are looking for. Who should come? Startups who want to shout about their company and spread word Startup CEOs who are looking for a tech cofounder CTOs or senior engineers who are aspiring tech cofounders and looking for a company to join We have run successful Meet and Greets for our Fractional Consultant Community and would love to bring this event to the TCC. Take a look at some feedback from previous attendees to our FCC Meet and Greet: “The community is both friendly and action-oriented, which I like, and I’ve already chatted to a lot of people I met through this group.” - Nicky Dibben “Thanks for the invite. Was great to meet everyone!” - Sabah Zdanowska “I’ve met marketing and product people at these events, and they’ve introduced me to great companies aligned with my values. Everyone’s friendly and welcoming.” - James Conroy-Finn “I enjoyed the “Meet and Greet” yesterday. It was a good way to add another dimension to the group. Slack’s fine and all, but there’s nothing better than meeting people in person. The structure works well and because it’s not overly formal.” - David Rushton The TCC Meet and Greet events are organised, and sponsored, by RecWorks Ltd This event is for UK folks only.









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